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2257 Compliance


For studio/model accounts management and upload documents for APPROVAL please log on to the studio panel at with the same login info.

Announcement: Old Java Software

On May 1 I will be shutting studio and model signup on the old Sidekick software. I intend turning the Sidekick software off for good before cut off on June 1 and that will be the end. Java is just too much of a problem with security settings.

That leaves us with the Flash software. So get your studio and model accounts set up. Staff will be available in live support to assist as needed.

The following will apply.

All studios with earnings above $50 for May 31 Period will be paid. Studio earnings below minimum will be able to be transferred to a Flash studio that has the same beneficiary. That includes inactive studios...if you have same beneficiary.

We will be redoing the whole business, sites and time to reinvent the product and how you and your models can make money.

We started this business in 2003...there are 4 owners and ALL still work here.


Studio News: Holiday Pays

This coming cutoff will be on the 16th (Philippines time) as usual and we will be sending to the bank as usual. There are a number of holidays in the Philippines and elsewhere that will delay the money reaching your account/card. So please do the following

1. Check statement to see if you are being paid
2. Check holidays where you are
3. Do not come to support and ask until at least 2 work days not holidays or weekend have passed.

So cutoff will be 16th and in the Philippines we have

Thursday 17th Regular Holiday
Friday 18th Regular Holiday
Saturday 19th Special non working holiday
Sunday 20th` Easter Sunday
Monday 21st Normal Work Day
Tuesday 22nd Normal work Day

If you do not have your pay by 5pm on 22nd come to support. Not before then please. Support will block you if you do.

If you are in The US cutoff is midnight 15th your time and I expect accounts to be credited as normal

Elsewhere check holidays


Studio News

We are heading fast towards Christmas and New Year. ACM management and staff will be online and available over the holiday period. Cutoffs will be normal dates and money will be sent as usual. Load times may vary due to holidays but more on that when we have all the details.

Smart money payments are being changed to $100 MINIMUM and $500 MAXIMUM. If you are below $100 your earnings will carry forward and if your earnings above $500 they will be carried forward until you get a bank account so we can wire your payment. Our long time Smart loading company in the Philippines is no longer loading cards and our new Load agent does not want to attract attention with high load numbers (The under $100) or the drama with Smarts load limits being hit (The over $500). This is not going to change or be argued about.

We will be offering Payoneer, Paxum and Redpass as payment options coming soon. They are approved and I just need to add them to the site. Paypal can be used by any studios.. there is a $100 minimum and no maximum and it is free.

This is from our staff newsletter and I am adding it here If you see a model giving out her name, address and phone for western union or whatever can you try and explain the following. The Cybercrime Law is real and I do expect models to be looked at. If the Libel section stays in they cant target Libel and not target Cybersex. If the Libel part is removed they will still target Cybersex. Giving name, address phone number to anyone they don't know is far worse then stupid... It might get them locked up.

From December 16 2012 (December 1 to 15 Period) the minimum payment to load a Smart money card will be $100 ($50 will apply for the December 1 pay). For a variety of reasons we need to change the company loading the cards and can no longer do loads under $100 in a cost effective manner. We are looking into a way to load cards that is cost effective, secure and allows lower amounts to be loaded. If we come up with a solution we will advise you but until then the minimum will be $100


ATTENTION: Smart Money Net Minimum Payment

From December 16 2012 (December 1 to 15 Period) the minimum payment to load a Smart money card will be $100 ($50 will apply for the December 1 pay). For a variety of reasons we need to change the company loading the cards and can no longer do loads under $100 in a cost effective manner. We are looking into a way to load cards that is cost effective, secure and allows lower amounts to be loaded. If we come up with a solution we will advise you but until then the minimum will be $100


November 1,2012 CUT-OFF

All Saints Day holiday cutoff

All studios please note the following:
-Thursday November 1st is a public holiday
-Friday November 2nd is a public holiday
-Saturday November 3rd banks are closed
-Sunday November 4th banks are closed

We will be sending payment details after cutoff as usual and bank statements will be uploaded as usual. Our agents will be attempting to load the money when they can and as soon as possible BUT expect delays and especially if you are paid by wire.

Please do NOT ask support before November 5th as they will have no idea. Please do NOT say your friend has their money and where is yours. I cannot make people open banks on weekends and support are not paid to answer these questions.

The money will be in your account as soon as possible.


Top Models

Anyone with a model with a rating of 4.25 or higher should login at which will redirect the top models to a video server for them alone.

That server will allow models to kick members and guests who are causing issues like "the smileys". This will not be available to all models yet.

We will log who kicks and if a lot of kicks for no reason then the model will be back on the general video servers.

Try it and come to support if any problems


Asianslive Site Live! is live and many members have free credits with many more to be handed out. The members will be asking models to go online there so they can use their credits. If you need to set up accounts then do it and support will process as fast as they

Please note we will pay normal commission to studios for all credits or bought pay the same.

Once models are online if you want to set up a couples account for them as well send an email to and make the subject couples. I will check when the model is online and if the video is good enough quality we will allow a couple account as well as a solo account


The ACM group will be launching with an email to members and handing out free credits to ACM members (those that spend) starting Wednesday noon Philippine time. Yes I know its just before cutoff and accounts will not be happy...but I need this site tested and any problems sorted.

I know many have asked about a single account and couples account. Once you are up and running we will have a look at video speed and quality. If we think you can deliver a quality product with 2 streams we will then start allowing a couples account.

I am planning to give away a lot of free credits so have your members set up an asianslive account and go to live support. They need to let us know the ACM and the Asianslive account. Mark and I will be the ones allocating credits so if we are not around give support the details and we will check.

Just a note: The Asianslive account needs to be same email as ACM account and be verified. We will check all other details.

I am not looking at this to be an overnight sensation....this will build, we will invest in making it better and better.... be part of it


Hi All,

Due to the high numbers of spare accounts being used by unregistered person or accounts that are online for the sake of going online and not actually working (sleeping or not on camera mostly), we will be implementing a new rule starting the 16th of April 2012.

From April 16 2012, a person can only work under one studio. Studio owners with multiple accounts with the same person working on all studios should let us know which studio you want to keep your models working otherwise we will decide which accounts to be kept based on their ratings. This includes couples and threesome accounts.

If the person signs up a new account to a different studio, the current active accounts will be cancelled and earnings will be paid if there is no violated site TOS.

The maximum screen names per person is still as follows;

Female- 7 screen names allowed that can be set up as solo, couples or threesome accounts.

Male- 5 maximum screen names allowed as solo, couples and threesome.

If the model reached the maximum screen names allowed and wish to create a new screen name, the studio owner can request to have the unwanted screen names deleted to allow for the new screen names. You can only request to delete/cancel up to 5 times and the whole account will be cancelled and you will have to submit the documents again so choose the model's screen name carefully.

Reminder to Studios:

All new accounts with fake/tampered documents will be cancelled straightaway and you will be notified via email.

Studio owners that is found employing underage will be banned from the site and studio will be closed and ALL earnings forfeited.

If you have any questions, please email or or through our Live Support.


ACM Management