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Announcement: Old Java Software

On May 1 I will be shutting studio and model signup on the old Sidekick software. I intend turning the Sidekick software off for good before cut off on June 1 and that will be the end. Java is just too much of a problem with security settings.

That leaves us with the Flash software. So get your studio and model accounts set up. Staff will be available in live support to assist as needed.

The following will apply.

All studios with earnings above $50 for May 31 Period will be paid. Studio earnings below minimum will be able to be transferred to a Flash studio that has the same beneficiary. That includes inactive studios...if you have same beneficiary.

We will be redoing the whole business, sites and time to reinvent the product and how you and your models can make money.

We started this business in 2003...there are 4 owners and ALL still work here.


Studio News: Holiday Pays

This coming cutoff will be on the 16th (Philippines time) as usual and we will be sending to the bank as usual. There are a number of holidays in the Philippines and elsewhere that will delay the money reaching your account/card. So please do the following

1. Check statement to see if you are being paid
2. Check holidays where you are
3. Do not come to support and ask until at least 2 work days not holidays or weekend have passed.

So cutoff will be 16th and in the Philippines we have

Thursday 17th Regular Holiday
Friday 18th Regular Holiday
Saturday 19th Special non working holiday
Sunday 20th` Easter Sunday
Monday 21st Normal Work Day
Tuesday 22nd Normal work Day

If you do not have your pay by 5pm on 22nd come to support. Not before then please. Support will block you if you do.

If you are in The US cutoff is midnight 15th your time and I expect accounts to be credited as normal

Elsewhere check holidays


Studio News: September Week 1

Hi Everyone,

September is going to be the start of software changes at the ACM group ACM has run on Sidekick since 2004 and it has served us well but Java is a problem. Models have issues, members have issues and users using Apple products have issues that in many cases mean the member cant use ACM. There has to be a change and our competition has long ago abandoned Java.

I need to get studios and models signed up on ACS software ASAP. Java is causing issues now and a major blow up cant be far away. So this is what I plan to do.

On Wednesday September 4th I will be closing new studio sign up and model creation on sidekick software for 1 week to allow staff to concentrate on studio/model sign ups on ACS flash software.

On the same day I will be emailing members who are buyers and giving away $100,000 in credits for those members to spend on models on,,,, and

If all goes well I intend to start shifting sites to the new software starting in week 2, so sign up and get on their now before others grab all the free credits.

Long Term

Asiancammodels and other popular domains will be moved to the new software which
- Allows models greater control of who is in the room - Allows staff to control members who disrupt - Allows for models to view member cams in private without Yahoo or Skype - Allows us to develop a mobile platform

Sidekick will continue into 2014 with limited sites and I expect the Java issues to finish it in early 2014

Questions I have been asked
Q Will Top models appear on the new site?
A. Yes in various formats on different sites

Q Can my models have multiple rooms new software same as now on ACM?
A 1. Yes?. One login will allow models to appear in multiple categories
A 2. We will review model feed and model room starting October and if room quality is good and video quality good then we will allow a second room which can also appear multiple categories

Q. My members enjoy the 10% bonus credits on Mid week madness. Will that be on new software?
A. Yes?, it will be on every site

Q. Are the signup documents same as for ACM?
A. Yes

Q. If we move to new software what happens to my carried forward earnings on ACM?>/br> A. It will be added to earnings new software and paid

Q. Will the new software allow tips and other earning opportunities?
A. Yes with a lot more to come after we get this move sorted

That's about it for now.

If you have any questions not covered here email and put Attention Intermsi in the subject line.


Models logging in here will be visible on the following sites

More sites coming soon....
Mobile version (IPAD and Android) coming soon

To create a studio account and sign up models:

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To register, you MUST create a studio/manager account here and add your performers.

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